Security on Campus

Notre Dame operates its own security police force (NDSP) to ensure the safety of members of the community. NDSP maintains a collaborative relationship with city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Officers also facilitate a variety of crime prevention programs and techniques, including:


When walking on campus after dark, students may call for an escort from the men and women of Notre Dame SafeWalk. A SafeWalk employee will meet students and walk with them to or from any point on campus. The service is free and confidential.

Campus Lighting and Physical Plant

Campus facilities and lighting are regularly surveyed by physical plant staff. Security police staff assist facilities operations by reporting potential safety or security concerns.

Residence Hall Security

Entrances to residence halls are generally locked at all times. Students must use key cards to gain access to their residence halls.

Emergency Notification

The University augmented its emergency communications capabilities with a technology service called Connect-ED. The system allows communication administrators to contact large numbers of students and employees quickly through multiple electronic technologies, including text messaging.

Notre Dame Security Police Department


Pedestrian Campus

Notre Dame is a pedestrian-friendly campus and NDSP ensures the safety of all members of the campus community. Officers patrol daily in car, on bike, and on foot and are stationed at the south and east gates. NDSP also monitors the 46 call stations that are located throughout campus. Visit the NDSP