The heart of Notre Dame

If the Basilica of the Sacred Heart represents the soul of Notre Dame, then surely the Main Building and its ubiquitous symbol of the Golden Dome is the beating heart of the campus, pumping vigor and purpose to the interlaced arteries of an academic and residential community.

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Raised high on a Dome

Before what is arguably the world’s most recognized college landmark—the University of Notre Dame’s iconic Golden Dome atop its Main Building—could be regilded this summer and fall for the 12th time, it first had to be gilded.

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Staying Gold

Gilding is a trade that demands patience, focus, and stamina. The Conrad Schmitt team works to gild Mary and the Dome bringing a fresh shine and optimism to this integral piece of the Notre Dame story.

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As Good as Gold

For many on campus, witnessing this process for the first time is a truly memorable experience. And for Tony Polotto, the senior director of construction, the sentiment is no different.

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