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For scholars who share a common passion for inquiry because of what it can reveal about our world and ourselves, there is opportunity here.

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The Demands of Justice

Notre Dame is animated by a faith that inspires us to seek knowledge because of the powerful tool it can be to improve humankind.

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Notre Dame seeks to be in the world, and to bring the world to Notre Dame, because inquiry and scholarly exchange are enriched by the pursuit of cultural fluency.

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‘You are not alone’: Q&A with Jessica Payne, expert on sleep, stress and memory


‘You are not alone’: Q&A with Jessica Payne, expert on sleep, stress and memory

Women often talk about the struggles they face feeling pinched between family and work obligations. As a result, many have trouble getting enough quality sleep, managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These issues are very near and dear to the heart of Notre Dame’s Jessica Payne, professor of psychology and director of the Sleep, Stress and Memory (SAM) Lab, whose research focuses on how sleep and stress influence psychological function, well-being and human memory.

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Purifying water with the power of the sun

“Today, the big challenges are information technology and energy,” says László Forró, the Aurora and Thomas Marquez Professor of Physics of Complex Quantum Matter in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Physics and Astronomy. “But tomorrow, the big challenge will be water.”  The World Health Organization reports that today nearly 2 billion people regularly consume contaminated water. It estimates that by 2025 half of the world’s population could be facing water scarcity. Many of those affected are in rural areas that lack the infrastructure required to run modern water purifiers, while many others are in areas affected by war, natural disasters or pollution. There is a greater need than ever for innovative ways to extend water access to those living without power, sanitation and transportation networks. Recently, Forró's lab developed just such a solution. They created a water purifier, described in the Nature partner journal Clean Water, that is powered by a resource nearly all of the world’s most vulnerable people have access to: the sun.

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Found in Translation

In 50 years of overlooked letters, French class discovers new insights into Father Sorin and the early days of Notre Dame