Fighting For Global Health

Fighting For Global Health Fighting For Global Health

In impoverished rural areas, treatable diseases and injuries quickly turn deadly when health care is not easily accessible. Graduate student Andrew Taniguchi hopes to eradicate that worry.

During childhood trips to visit family in Mexico, Andrew Taniguchi saw how living in poverty severely limited health care options, but it wasn’t until he was a student at Notre Dame that he realized he could do something about it. After participating in the Center for Social Concerns International Summer Service Learning Program at Andean Health and Development, Andrew decided to delay medical school and enter the master’s program at the Eck Institute for Global Health. The institute emphasizes that health care is a human right, not a luxury, and arms its students with a strong science-based research curriculum. By providing opportunities to put that knowledge to work in the field, the goal is that these students will be able to address these life-threatening disparities.

Between the curriculum and his work with AHD founder and Notre Dame alumnus, Dr. David Gaus, Andrew gleaned lessons about creating sustainable clinics, lessons he can use to start his own clinic for migrant workers in California upon completion of medical school.

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