Departments, Colleges, and Schools

School of Architecture

Established in 1898
2014 Enrollment: 168 undergraduate, 43 graduate

College of Arts and Letters

Established in 1842
2014 Enrollment: 1,914 undergraduate, 1,128 graduate

Mendoza College of Business

Established in 1921
2014 Enrollment: 2,050 undergraduate, 673 graduate

College of Engineering

Established in 1873
2014 Enrollment: 1,203 undergraduate, 485 graduate

Keough School of Global Affairs

Established in 2014

College of Science

Established in 1865
2014 Enrollment: 1,191 undergraduate, 550 graduate

First Year of Studies

Established in 1962
2014 Enrollment: 2,025 undergraduate students

The Graduate School

Established in 1918
2014 Enrollment: 2,200 graduate students

The Law School

Established in 1869
2013 Enrollment: 548 graduate students

Bond Hall

Leading Higher Education

Notre Dame established the first programs in law, engineering, and architecture at an American Catholic institution of higher learning.

Notre Dame’s History

The moon over the dome

Thinking Critically and Ethically

The Department of Philosophy was ranked 14th in the U.S. in a survey of nearly 200 philosophers, and Notre Dame and Yale were cited as the nation’s top two programs for the study of the philosophy of religion.

Stained glass window

Studying the Past

The Medieval Institute was the first in the United States, and the University also founded the first publication series dedicated specifically to medieval topics.