Resources and Facilities

  • Notre Dame ranks in the top 20 among all American colleges and universities in size of endowment (more than $7 billion) and in annual voluntary support. Since 1984-85, the University has ranked first in the amount of money contributed annually by parents. It has the largest endowment and yearly gift total of any Catholic institution of higher learning in the world.
  • Notre Dame is one of just 10 major private universities to receive a Aaa rating from Moody’s Investor Service.
  • A recent report puts Notre Dame’s economic impact on the local marketplace at more than $873 million annually.
  • Notre Dame is the first university with-out the powerful gift-giving attraction of a medical school to surpass the $2 billion mark in a traditional seven-year capital campaign. The “Spirit of Notre Dame” capital campaign totaled $2.014 billion at its conclusion on June 2011. It was the largest fund-raising effort in the history of Catholic higher education.
  • The University's new Stinson-Remick Hall, a 160,000-square-foot building that opened in 2010, features a nanotechnology research center and an 11,800 square-foot semiconductor processing and device fabrication clean room..
Stinson-Remick Hall interior

Stinson-Remick Hall

A LEED Gold certified building, Stinson-Remick Hall's energy usage is 13% to 15% more efficient than code and includes heat reclamation from exhaust air, cooling of clean rooms using outside air in winter, occupancy controlled lighting and HVAC, high efficiency lighting, and electricity and heating from a micro-turbine. The roof has a photovoltaic solar array that produces 30kw of electricity for the building as well as a white roof membrane installed to reduce the heating load on the building in the summer months.