At Notre Dame, record-breaking research awards have paved the way for new discoveries, unlocked knowledge, and improved technologies. Notre Dame Research (NDR) is committed to supporting a culture of research, scholarship, and creative endeavor throughout campus, in order to be a repository for knowledge and a powerful means for doing good in the world.

In addition, NDR supports and encourages innovation in more than 20 world-class core facilities and resources, as well as in a number of key areas of research, including cancer, environmental change, global health, and many more.

  • #1 in the country for NEH Fellowships since 1999
  • $138 million in record-breaking research awards in FY17
  • 31 Grants in 24 Countries Totaling $18 Million

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A student in a radiation research lab

The Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory (NDRL) is the premier research laboratory in the United States for radiation chemistry, the study of chemical reactions induced by ionizing radiation.