• Community service is a hallmark of Notre Dame. About 80 percent of Notre Dame students through the University's Center for Social Concerns are active in social service, and at least 10 percent of each year's baccalaureate graduating class spends a year or more in volunteer service, prompting former UN General-Secretary Kofi Annan to say, "Notre Dame represents much that is best and most generous in the American tradition."
  • The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) sends nearly 200 recent graduates to teach in some 100 understaffed Catholic schools in the Southern, Southeastern and Southwestern United States and in South Bend. A national model, ACE has received the Higher Education Award from the Corporation for National Service for leadership in using national service resources through AmeriCorps.
  • Social Concerns Seminars, in which undergraduates spend fall and spring breaks offering assistance in Appalachia and other impoverished areas, is one of the most comprehensive service-learning programs in higher education.
  • Accountancy students annually prepare more than 3,800 tax forms for area residents as a part of Notre Dame's 40-year-old Tax Assistance Program.
  • Summer Service Learning Program has provided more than 4,000 scholarships since 1980 to undergraduate students who serve for eight weeks in communities of ND Alumni Clubs.
  • Notre Dame's association with the Peace Corps goes back to the agency's founding in 1961, when the very first volunteers were trained on campus. Since then, 800 Notre Dame graduates have entered the Peace Corps--more than from any other Catholic college or university.
A teacher and students

Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) teacher Katilyn Kramer greets students at the start of the school day at St. Mary of Carmel School in Dallas, TX.